Avaunce - 3 BHK Row House

One of their kind, Avaunce, 3 BHK Rowhouse in Pune is surely in a proud position. These row houses are the ultimate blend, giving more than one crore desire from their house. A well-outlined area to serve you well for ages and render the same unique feel with no compromise in any field. Comfort and luxury are the key components of planning the cozy dwellings. Houses lined up to match your expectations and needs of all time. Making life better every day with quality time and improvising your plans also. Meant to accommodate what the coming times have in store for you. These houses are crafted to be your future address, passing on from generation to generation.


Avaunce, Duplex row houses in Pune, or a play of volume, shaping the spaces with distinct dimensions. The different volumes/masses giving a unique character to each area plus, serving no monotonous feel in the entire house. These row houses for sale have all the features inbuilt, which makes them an ideal house. As one enters into the house the large lavish living area creates a focal point and is the center of attraction to the Premises. An ornate dining area nearest to the kitchen completes the essence of living. An open kitchen to match the technologies and modern era needs of everyday works. The premium quality finishes and facilities uphold the richness of spaces. The array of spaces is followed by a beautiful private green space, imparting openness and send her views for the entire living. Having an open Garden of yourself is a pure bliss meant to rejuvenate and calm you. There is a great influx of sunlight, fresh air through this green space, brightening each corner and making significant savings, it can also be used as a vegetable garden which is very trendy nowadays. 

Further, it is a fixed with useful utility area and a common toilet. A place with all the spaces delineated perfectly for peaceful and efficient functioning. These are G+2 abodes with two bedrooms on the first floor and one bedroom on another. As one goes upstairs there are comfy bedrooms filled with warmth for scintillating mornings and snuggly nights. These layouts are opted to have a good carpet area with sufficient storage for you even if you shop till you drop the storage won’t fall short. 

Designed to pacify you in all circumstances and quench your future goals too! Toilets are sumptuously rich with no concession in areas, to give a posh bathing experience. The room on the topmost floor is designed to give a sense of penthouse, having access to Terrace physically as well as visually. There is unboundedly seen with close this to the open surrounding which is refreshing and relaxing. 

The terrace is where you can enjoy the climate and have a Merry time with family or even a refreshing break. These houses are spacious and have underlining features. Bounteous open space is for creating an inside-outside atmosphere and not limiting the place just by walls. The simplicity yet elegance of these houses will go with you in your long-term goals and enhance them in all manner. 

Further, these rowhouses are set in a lush green environment for enjoying them with your loved ones. They can house on your celebration and parties. The pressing need for green areas is all answered here, With the abundance of greenery and lushness. Celebrating life with no worries for the future, as it is already secured with us. An investment you make in us is an investment you make for your bright future and the generations to follow!

The array of rowhouses gateway community in Pune is here to serve the needs of people and uniting the diversity in them while respecting the culture and background of each. Houses are built in a fashion that makes them app for all. One housing for all!

3 BHK independent house for sale in Pune, for you to make the best decision for your family. The courtesies and architecture with splendid vibes are worth all ventures. A goal to achieve, a dream to fulfill with our exclusive duplex house in Pune. Contentment is what we bring to you with security for future set-in luring blues and greens. 

Live a carefree happy life here by making the most out of these rowhouses, Undivided and absolute reliability. With your dream home, comes the graceful surroundings, best amenities, smooth functionaries, and a safe secure future. Flats under 70 lakhs in Pune are an independent housing system, and an opportunity to grab to create an out of box life with this unconventional architecture and heavenly space. Fulfill your vision with an eye for the future. Live For today and mold your tomorrow to the finest!

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